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Join War on Want and millions of others across Europe to stop the back room deal that could hold our public services hostage to big business and destroy our democracy for ever.

Thanks to people across Europe we've taken an incredible stand!  In the first year  3,263,920 people signed our petition against TTIP, including 500,000 in the UK. But it is not over.

The petition is continuing and we know many more people will want to sign up to show they  don’t want TTIP.

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LuxLeaks: whistleblowers verdict ‘a scandal’ says War on Want

29 June 2016 - 2:15pm

A Luxembourg Court has handed the LuxLeaks whistleblowers suspended prison sentences and fines for their role in exposing global companies' secret tax deals in Luxembourg. For too long the public have been in the dark when it comes to the shady tax affairs of big business, so it’s a scandal that the whistleblowers should be punished for acting in the public interest and revealing the dodgy dealings of multinationals. 

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High Court rejects attack on local councils standing up for Palestinians

28 June 2016 - 11:30am

Today the High Court ruled in favour of Swansea, Gwynedd and Leicester councils who faced a legal claim over motions passed concerning illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The ruling is a victory for local democracy and freedom of speech and affirms the right of local councils to act in solidarity with Palestinians and to ensure their policies are in line with international and UK law. 

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