Tell the UK Government to condemn Israel's BDS ban list

On 7 January 2018 the Israeli government released a list of 20 charities and human rights organisations that it will block from entering Israel. War on Want is on the list.

This ban is a piece of a much larger system of repression against human rights defenders, targeting Palestinians and others who stand up in support of Palestinian rights. Israel conducts intense surveillance, harassment, arbitrary arrest and detention, and militarised repression against Palestinians who protest their oppression. Palestinians identified with the BDS movement, including our patron Omar Barghouti, have been recently targeted with smears, travel bans, and threats.

The UK government should take a stand in support of Palestinian human rights defenders and those who work to support them. Instead, it is further incentivising Israel’s repression by continuing with ‘business as usual’, trading arms with Israel and enabling its oppression to continue.

Please write to the UK Government to demand that it condemns Israel’s repression, and that it ends its complicity with Israel’s violations of international law!

Act now!

Read more about the 'BDS travel ban' and War on Want's Justice for Palestine work.

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