Government’s contempt for Palestinians as it ‘rolls out the red carpet’ for Netanyahu

5 February 2017 - 7:15pm
Press release
  • Theresa May ought to remind herself of the UK’s obligations under international law
  • Israeli settlements are just one element of Israel’s systematic violation of Palestinian rights
  • UK government should stop arms exports to Israel

Theresa May welcomes Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Downing Street tomorrow (Monday 6 February), before he heads to the United States to meet Donald Trump. The meeting comes only days after Israel announced thousands of new illegal settlement units in the West Bank, and is expected to include talks about a UK-Israel trade deal.

Ryvka Barnard, War on Want’s senior militarism and security campaigner, said:

"The UK government’s contempt for Palestinian rights is as clear as ever, as it rolls out the red carpet for Netanyahu who only last week gave the green light to thousands of new illegal settlement units.

"Israeli settlements are just one element of Israel’s systematic violation of Palestinian rights. Right now, Israel is demolishing a record numbers of Palestinian homes, holding some 7000 Palestinians as political prisoners and seizing swathes of land and property on both sides of the Green Line.

"Rather than deepening the UK's relationship with Israel’s human rights abusing government, the UK should work to uphold international law and human rights by ending the millions of pounds of arms exports to Israel that help Israel carry out its deliberate attacks on Palestinian civilians.

"Theresa May ought to remind herself of the UK’s obligations under international law, which if enforced would block her government from approving arms exports and other trade that lends material support to Israeli violations."


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BBC News: Israel's Netanyahu to meet May in Downing Street

War on Want: Stop Arming Israel

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