Reaction: EU drops probe into McDonald’s €1 billion tax dodge

19 September 2018 - 3:15pm
Press release

Responding to the breaking news that the EU Commission has scrapped its tax probe into McDonalds, War on Want’s senior campaigner for economic justice Owen Espley says:

“The commission has dropped the ball by letting McDonald’s off the hook. Our report showed that it is dodging over €1 billion across the EU and the Commission agreed. The fact this is not selective treatment sends a signal to multinationals everywhere that they don’t need to pay their taxes. The commission and political leaders need to step up and transform the tax system.

It’s not just a question of McDonalds paying fair taxes – it’s not paying fair wages, either. This multi-billion pound corporation has an obligation to give back to the communities where it operates, pay a living wage, treat its workers with dignity and respect their right to join a union. It is failing on all counts and now pressure is mounting from below as well as above. The movement against McDonald’s is global and growing.

In the UK, McDonald’s workers have taken historic strike action in the past year, pushing back against poverty wages and precarious contracts . They are leaders in a movement for workers’ rights that is growing throughout the fast food sector and around the world. The McStrike is a sign of things to come. McDonald’s can’t dodge its responsibilities forever.”

Owen Espley is available for media interviews and further comment on request.

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Notes to Editors

Unhappy Meal:

This report – co-authored by War on Want and our partners - outlines in detail the tax avoidance strategy adopted by McDonald’s and its tax impact both throughout Europe and in major markets like France, Italy, Spain and the UK. 



Please call on McDonald’s CEO, Paul Pomroy, to recognise the McStrikers’ union.

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