To stop Trumpism in its tracks, turn to trade

14 July 2018 - 2:15pm
Press release
  • 250,000 people marched in central London yesterday, making this Britain’s biggest demonstration for over a  decade
  • Actions took place in more than 50 cities across the UK, with major protests in Edinburgh
  • At Chequers talks, President Trump described the US-UK relationship as ‘the highest level of special’ but said trade deal only possible if there were ‘no restrictions’ on US firms
  • On Tuesday the government’s Trade Bill will be voted on in Parliament. Thousands of people have called on their MPs to stand up for trade democracy by voting for amendment NC3, which would help protect trade democracy by giving MPs a vote on future trade deals
  • Without this amendment, the Trade Bill represents a power-grab by government and a green light to a ‘Trumpist’ agenda of unchecked privatisation and deregulation

Commenting on yesterday’s protests, co-organised by War on Want as a partner in the Stop Trump Coalition, executive director Asad Rehman, says:

“The British people have spoken loud and clear: we reject not only Donald Trump's agenda of bigotry and hatred but also his pro-corporate agenda. And they are linked, because the so-called ‘free-trade’ deals he advocates are bad for our economy, bad for our planet and bad for all of us - but the poor will be the hardest hit.

During the talks at Chequers, the President -reiterated that a US-UK trade deal will only be possible if there are ‘no restrictions’ on US firms.  In practice, that means trading away our right to protect our food standards, our environment, labour standards and our NHS, which will be offered up to profiteering corporations.

It is deplorable that these deals are being planned without any public scrutiny and are even kept secret from Parliament. But it’s not too late. On Tuesday, MPs will have the chance to take back control by voting for the trade democracy amendment. This is their chance to stand up for the interests of ordinary people instead of just big business.”
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Notes to Editors

Trade deals can affect everything from food standards to climate action to jobs. Yet under the government’s current proposals, ministers can decide what to put on the table – whether it is our public services or environmental standards. US corporations want to include the NHS and their negotiators have published 50 pages of changes they already want to our current regulations and standards. US and UK officials have been holding talks behind closed doors and at the moment Parliament and the public have no way of knowing what is being discussed, and no way to stop it.​

That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to use our email action to call on their MPs to take a stand for trade democracy:

War on Want is part of the Stop Trump Coalition: a range of organisations and individuals that joined forces to against Donald Trump’s planned visit to the UK. Our joint letter to the Guardian called his presidency ‘dangerous and divisive’ and committed to organising nationwide protests.

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