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You can use the resources to the right to get up to date on TTIP. This earlier reply to Vince Cable from our Executive Director, John Hilary, is also a good introduction.

If you'd like more detail, then see our futher reading list below, or our collection of TTIP videos.

Further Reading

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): A charter for deregulation, an attack on jobs, an end to democracy (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, 2015 update; in many European languages) 

A Transatlantic Agreement, but at what cost to SMEs? (Veblen Institute, 2015)

The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: European Disintegration, Unemployment and Instability (Tufts University, 2014)

Relevant Legislative Areas of the EU-US Trade and Investment Partnership Negotiations (TTIP) (European Parliament, 2014)

A Brave New Transatlantic Partnership: the social and environmental consequences of the proposed EU-US trade deal (CEO, 2013)

A transatlantic corporate bill of rights: investor privileges in EU-US trade deal threaten public interest (CEO, 2013)

The Transatlantic Colossus: Global Contributions to Broaden the Debate on the EU-US Free Trade Agreement (Berlin Forum on Global Politics, 2014)

The Future of EU-US Relations: Political and Economic Reflections on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Agreement (FEPS, 2014)

The corporate invasion (Le Monde Diplomatique, 2013)

In January 2015, the European Commission published a number of its proposals for the TTIP negotiations, plus some more of their explanatory documents. These are online here:

Latest news

Government challenged to rule out 'corporate courts'

30 July 2019 - 7:30am

Government challenged to rule out ‘corporate courts’ after Brexit, following criticism by influential MPs

  • Trade Committee calls investment rules ‘hugely controversial’ ahead of possible no deal Brexit
  • Armenia is latest country to be threatened, with $2 billion claim by mining company Lydian over Amulsar gold mine
  • New 18-minute documentary charts story of resistance to international mining industry in Amulsar
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Liam Fox 'in denial' over huge public concern at post-Brexit trade deals

18 July 2019 - 11:15am

600,000 submissions to public consultation ‘essentially ignored’, say campaigners

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