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Time for governments to declare the end of TTIP and CETA

30 August 2016 - 1:00pm

Responding to news that France has demanded an end to TTIP talks, War on Want's Mark Dearn said: "It’s about time an EU government stepped up to the plate and listened to the people of Europe. Yet, opposing TTIP rings a little hollow when the same EU governments are still trying to force through the ‘Canadian TTIP’, CETA."

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Pay up: Apple's 'sweetheart tax deal turns sour'

30 August 2016 - 12:30pm

Multinationals are dodging taxes on an industrial scale, leaving the public short changed. The EU has ordered Apple to pay up to €13bn in Irish taxes. This is one sweetheart deal that has turned sour for Apple.

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It's time for EU governments to officially declare the end of #TTIP - and #CETA https://t.co/IJg5PDHPMN #NoTTIP https://t.co/y83HvSsWIc 15 hours 58 min ago
This sweetheart deal has turned sour for #Apple and it’s time they paid up. #AppleTax https://t.co/2zbTUjiW6T 16 hours 46 min ago