What we do

Mobilising for justice

War on Want is a movement of people who are committed to global justice.

Tens of thousands of members, supporters and activists give their time and money to take part in War on Want’s work each year.

Many hundreds of thousands join forces in the social movements, trade unions and workers’ organisations that are War on Want’s partners around the world. Millions more benefit from the victories we win together.

How we work

War on Want is part of the global justice movement.

We believe that another world is possible, and we know that we do not act alone. Many of our partner organisations play an active role in the global justice movement at national and international levels.

We join forces with thousands of other networks, groups and social movements in the struggle for a better world.

We work in partnership with grassroots social movements, trade unions and workers’ organisations to empower people to fight for their rights.

We run campaigns against the root causes of poverty and human rights violation.

We mobilise support and building alliances for political action in support of human rights, especially workers’ rights.

We raise public awareness of the root causes of poverty, inequality and injustice, and empowering people to take action for change.

Justice not charity

War on Want is not an aid agency.

We do not provide humanitarian relief or deliver services to the poor. Nor do we have our own network of offices around the world.

We believe in tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice by empowering the marginalised and dispossessed to fight for their rights.

We believe in justice, not charity.


Poverty is political

Poverty and injustice are the result of political choices made by governments, corporations and other elites.

Recognition of this fundamental truth lies behind the widely quoted War on Want slogan: poverty is political. Decisions made by a few individuals in international forums such as the G8 and G20 or in institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organisation have the power to bring misery to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Just as poverty and injustice are products of political decisions, change is a product of political pressure.

For War on Want, change comes from contesting power through concerted political action. This is how we seek to realise our vision of a world free from poverty and oppression, based on social justice, equality and human rights for all.

Our impact:

War on Want and its partners have won many important new victories in recent years, making a genuine and lasting impact on the lives of dispossessed people the world over.

During our 60-year history, War on Want has also led the way in setting up and sustaining important structures which have taken forward the campaign for global justice into the current era.