Barclays: Don’t bank on apartheid (Activist resources)

Palestinians have called on people of conscience around the world to support their struggle for justice and human rights, by campaigning to put an end to corporate and financial complicity in Israel’s apartheid regime of oppression. Below you can find all the resources you need to take action.

Branch letter

An editable letter template for Barclays customers to send, by post or in-person to your local Barclays branch calling on Barclays to end its investments in arms companies selling weapons and military technology to Israel.

Explainer leaflet (print file)

A leaflet explaining the campaign for you to print and hand out to spread the message about the campaign. Trade union meetings, community group meet-ups, political party branch meetings, and demonstrations are great places to take leaflets. 

Stickers (print file)

A selection of stickers to show your support for the campaign. 

Placards (print file)

A placard to print and take to demonstrations.