Protest in Brussels against the TTIP and CETA free trade agreements. Protesters hold a banner that says "No more deals in the dark. TTIP game over." Photo: M0tty

Trade deals

Trade affects almost every aspect of our lives. From the food we eat to the price of medicine, our private data and our ability to take action on the climate crisis, trade deals shape our societies and livelihoods. 

Negotiated between states or trading blocs, trade deals were traditionally agreements on taxes and tariffs, but in recent decades have specifically been designed to break down ‘non-tariff barriers’ to trade: our environmental, social and labour standards.

Trade deals are often negotiated in secrecy, and favour corporate interests, allowing corporations to expand the worldwide pillage of resources and exploitation of labour. This has had devastating consequences for communities in the Global South.

Since leaving the EU, the UK government began rushing through a new wave of trade deals that threaten to demolish our rights, undermine democracy, deepen global inequality and hand power to big business. Including ISDS, or 'corporate courts', in our trade deals would allow corporations to sue the UK over the loss of projected profits from policy decisions in secret tribunals.

We campaign to make trade deals work for people rather than big business. People power put an end to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): over half a million stood up to the UK government and stopped the deal. We continue to challenge new dangerous trade deals, and fight to make sure parliament has a democratic and meaningful say over trade.

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Profiting from poverty: The role of debt in the global economy

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ATTAC/CADTM Maroc is an action-oriented popular education movement, committed to the struggles in Morocco against capitalist globalisation and the domination of the International Financial Institutions. ATTAC Maroc strives to be a space for critical reflection to understand the neoliberal assault on Moroccan people. ATTAC fights for another globalisation, far from any logic of isolationism, that is grounded in solidarity between peoples and based on social justice, democracy, dignity and sustainable development in a world that is not equated to a market. Most of its work is focused on debt, microcredit, extractivism, workers’ rights, trade justice, climate justice and as food sovereignty. ATTAC Maroc is a founding member of the North African Network for Food Sovereignty.

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The Tunisian Observatory of Economy (OTE) is a group of researchers, activists and policy analysts that began as an International Financial Institution watchdog group. OTE continues its work to highlight the influence of IFIs on public policy-making in Tunisia. Their mission is to provide guidance to citizens with regard to economic policies and their impacts on development through independent, objective, well-documented and critical research. Their work is mainly focused on debt and IFIs, trade, investment, energy, environment, public finances and monetary policies.


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