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Protests in Lima

Stand with Peru’s Indigenous communities — against state violence

Peru’s mass protests have become a human rights crisis. At least 39 people have been killed by the state. Demand Peruvians right to protest is protected.

Stand with Peru's marginalised majority
Raised fists on red BG

Defend the right to strike

The UK government is trying to enact a dangerous, and probably illegal, new law to restrict workers’ right to strike.

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Stop the deportation of Salah Hammouri

Palestinian-French human rights defender Salah Hammouri is facing imminent forcible deportation on 4 December 2022 from his hometown of Jerusalem.

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Pay climate reparations

Demand the UK pays climate reparations

The UK must take responsibility for its role in fuelling the climate crisis

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Free Alaa

Free Alaa! Demand justice in Egypt

Alaa Abd El-Fattah is a British-Egyptian human rights blogger, activist, and father currently held in prison by the Egyptian state for exercising his right to freedom of speech.

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Palestinian at checkpoint

Stand with Palestinians against Israel's onslaught

Palestinians are facing an intensified onslaught of militarised violence from the Israeli military. Please contact your MP today and ask them to demand that the UK government stops the sale and purchase of arms to and from Israel.

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Exit ECT

Demand the UK exits the ECT

Take action to abolish secret courts before they destroy the planet

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Barclays banking on apartheid CTA

Stop Barclays Banking on Apartheid

Barclays has a responsibility to end its complicity in Israel’s war crimes and violations of international law.

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Siemens Gamesa Western Sahara

Siemens Gamesa: Stop the plunder

Siemens Gamesa are profiting from Morocco’s plunder of illegally occupied land & violent repression of the people of Western Sahara.

Say no to greenwashing occupation
McDonalds, City of London

Demand HMRC investigates McDonald's

HMRC must launch a thorough investigation into McDonald’s tax affairs

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Palestinians waving flags

Defend Palestinian human rights organisations under attack

Israel has banned and raided six leading Palestinian human rights organisations, in an escalation of its targeted suppression of Palestinian civil society.

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Israeli forces training near villages in Masafer Yatta area, West Bank. Photo Credit: Keren Manor, Active Stills

Stop Israel’s Forcible Transfer of Palestinians!

Israel is trying to ethnically cleanse over 1,000 Palestinians from Masafer Yatta, in the occupied West Bank.

Write to the UK foreign secretary
Israeli ethnic cleansing

Stop Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Demand that the UK government takes action to stop facilitating Israeli apartheid

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Palestinian girl at vigil in Gaza

End Israel’s siege of the Gaza Strip

Since 2007, Israel has imposed an illegal land, air and sea blockade — effectively turning the Gaza Strip into the world’s largest open-air prison by preventing the free movement of people and goods. End the siege.

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Young striking McDonald's workers take action outside a McDonald's restaurant. They are behind a red McStrike banner that also shows the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union logo. Credit: Garry Knight

Demand that McDonald's respects the union!

Please call on McDonald’s CEO, Paul Pomroy, to recognise the McStrikers’ union

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Cerra de Pasco mine

Demand a just energy transition for all

Tell the UK chancellor we need a justice based transition to 'clean' energy

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Palestinian man being arrested and blindfolded by Israeli soldier

Free Palestinian political prisoners!

Every year, hundreds of Palestinians are arrested and imprisoned without charge or trial.

End the injustice
Palestinian children protest forced displacement with JCB complicity

Stop JCB bulldozing Palestinian rights

The UK government must end its complicity with Israel’s settlement enterprise and hold businesses – including JCB – to account.

Hold them to Account
A Black woman at a demonstration faces the camera holding a sign that reads "McDonald's: sexual harassment is unacceptable #MeToo #FightFor15. She has black braids with a red streaks, tied up. Credit: FightFor15 Chicago

End sexual harassment at McDonald's

McDonald’s has a sexual harassment problem. Email McDonald’s UK CEO Paul Pomroy

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Protester at climate march holds up placard reading "Mi Futuro esta en sus manos" (My future is in your hands)

Join us in calling for a Global Green New Deal.

Stand with us and reimagine a world where protecting people and the planet come first.

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Stop corporate courts from destroying the planet

Take action to abolish secret courts before they destroy the planet

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Garment workers in Bangladesh take action to #MakeAmazonPay for orders cancelled during the pandemic. Credit:  Twitter @NazmaAkter73/@IndustriALL_GU

Make Amazon Pay

Demand a parliamentary inquiry into Amazon

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Man with Saharawi flag. Credit: Michele Benericetti

Stand with Western Sahara

Demand self-determination for the Saharawi people

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Sixteen-year-old Ahed Tamimi arrives for a hearing at Ofer military court. Photo: Photo: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP

No civilian should be subject to military courts

Email your MP to demand an end to Israel’s unjust system of military courts

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The Stop Corporate Impunity logo. An illustration of people tying down a giant 'corporate' man in an orange suit and grey tie.

Rules for corporations, rights for people!

Ask your MP to support a UN Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights

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