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Girl at a protest holding a sign saying 'Fighting for our future'.

From climate to poverty – tell the UK government to act now

Email your MP today to demand radical change on the issues that matter most to you. 

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We need a UK government that will: 1. End poverty and inequality   2. Lead ambitious action on the climate crisis    3. Support the Palestinian peoples’ struggle for justice   4. Defend our human rights and democracy    5. Respect workers

Demand action from the next UK government

Sign our open letter to the future UK government demanding that it puts people and planet first. 

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A graphic which reads: 'UK& G7 #PayUp for the climate crisis'

UK & the G7: #PayUp for the climate crisis

Demand that the UK & the G7 #PayUp for the climate crisis.

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UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in front of no.10 Downing Street in London.

End UK-Israel Trade Deals

Hold Israel to account for plausible genocide of the Palestinian people

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474 million

No UK arms for Israel

There is a clear risk that military equipment produced in the UK is being used to carry out Israel's war crimes. Demand an end to the UK-Israel arms trade.

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Unmask Glencore's toxic mining

Glencore is getting away with greenwashing its environmental and human rights abuses. Unmask their toxic trade, and call on investors to demand action.

Tax haven

Fix Our Broken Tax System

Will you call on the government to support a UN Tax Convention? 

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Western Sahara flag flying in the desert

End the occupation. Free Western Sahara.

Morocco has been illegally occupying Western Sahara for nearly 50 years. Email your MP to demand it uses its position on the UN Security Council to secure the rights of the Saharawi people.

Rishi Sunak & Keir Starmer aren't protecting the right to protest graphic

Defend the right to protest

Demand all UK political parties protect our basic human rights.

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Fist of solidarity plucks a fighterjet made of British money out of the air

Say NO to the anti-boycott bill

The UK government is trying to restrict our collective right to campaign for justice. Show your opposition to the government's anti-boycott bill.

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War on Want alongside Latin American land defenders and London Mining network outside Anglo American's 2023 Annual General Meeting in London.

Resist Anglo American’s greenwashing and destruction

Stand with Latin American land defenders in their fight for climate justice

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Blue background with bomb with Barclays logo inside. Text reads: Barclays don't bank on apartheid.

Barclays: Stop Bankrolling Genocide and Apartheid

Barclays has ramped up its bankrolling of companies selling arms to Israel’s occupation and apartheid regime by 55% since 2021. Demand an end to their complicity in apartheid and genocide.

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Pay climate reparations

Demand the UK pays climate reparations

The UK must take responsibility for its role in fuelling the climate crisis

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Palestinians waving flags

Defend Palestinian human rights organisations under attack

Israel has banned and raided six leading Palestinian human rights organisations, in an escalation of its targeted suppression of Palestinian civil society.

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Siemens Gamesa Western Sahara

Siemens Gamesa: Stop the plunder

Siemens Gamesa are profiting from Morocco’s plunder of illegally occupied land & violent repression of the people of Western Sahara.

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Man with Saharawi flag. Credit: Michele Benericetti

Stand with Western Sahara

Demand self-determination for the Saharawi people

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Protester at climate march holds up placard reading "Mi Futuro esta en sus manos" (My future is in your hands)

Join us in calling for a Global Green New Deal

Stand with us and reimagine a world where protecting people and the planet come first.

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Palestinian children protest forced displacement with JCB complicity

Stop JCB bulldozing Palestinian rights

The UK government must end its complicity with Israel’s settlement enterprise and hold businesses – including JCB – to account.

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Cerrejon; said to be the largest open-cast coal mine in Latin America'

Demand a just energy transition for all

Tell the UK chancellor we need a justice based transition to 'clean' energy

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La Via Campesina at COP16

Join the fight to fix our broken food system

Food Sovereignty is a practical solution and a positive alternative to our failed food system, putting  human rights at the centre, instead of corporate profits.

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Protesters run for cover under clouds of tear gas © Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty

The UK must stop arming repression

Pressure the government to end its trade in arms with human rights abusing regimes.

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Christine speaking outside McDonald’s HQ in Chicago.

End sexual harassment at McDonald's

McDonald’s has a sexual harassment problem. Email McDonald’s UK CEO Paul Pomroy.

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The Stop Corporate Impunity logo. An illustration of people tying down a giant 'corporate' man in an orange suit and grey tie.

Rules for corporations, rights for people!

Ask your MP to support a UN Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights

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Sixteen-year-old Ahed Tamimi arrives for a hearing at Ofer military court. Photo: Photo: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP

No civilian should be subject to military courts

Email your MP to demand an end to Israel’s unjust system of military courts

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Oil Refinery at Dawn by Iguanasan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Stop corporate courts from destroying the planet

Take action to abolish secret courts before they destroy the planet

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Young striking McDonald's workers take action outside a McDonald's restaurant. They are behind a red McStrike banner that also shows the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union logo. Credit: Garry Knight

Demand that McDonald's respects the union!

Please call on McDonald’s CEO, Paul Pomroy, to recognise the McStrikers’ union

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McDonalds, City of London

Demand HMRC investigates McDonald's

HMRC must launch a thorough investigation into McDonald’s tax affairs

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