A family crosses the flooded streets of Pakistan. Photo: ADB


The climate crisis is the most pressing ethical and political issue of our lifetime. We have ten years left to keep global heating to a maximum of 1.5°C and avoid catastrophic climate violence.

Record levels of greenhouse gases are already leading to killer floods, droughts and famines that disproportionately affect the world’s poorest and most marginalised people – those least responsible for climate breakdown. Rich countries, including the UK, have failed to do their fair share to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or address the inequalities that make communities vulnerable to climate violence.

Multinational corporations are spreading across the planet to extract oil, gas, minerals and metals – devastating communities and driving climate breakdown. Seeking to evade responsibility for a crisis they have done so much to cause, fossil fuel companies and the global mining industry are presenting false solutions to climate violence, to justify their own existence and guarantee their profits. Their operations have forced communities from their land, polluted the environment and led to widespread human rights violations. 

We campaign for climate justice and for a Global Green New Deal to protect people and planet. We hold UK-based companies to account for their destructive operations. We advocate for bold responses to the ecological crisis which lower emissions, confront poverty and enable communities to build local economic alternatives. We stand with our partners in the Global South on the front lines of climate violence, and support human rights defenders in the fight for their land and livelihoods.

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A graphic which reads: 'UK& G7 #PayUp for the climate crisis'

UK & the G7: #PayUp for the climate crisis

Demand that the UK & the G7 #PayUp for the climate crisis.

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War on Want alongside Latin American land defenders and London Mining network outside Anglo American's 2023 Annual General Meeting in London.

Resist Anglo American’s greenwashing and destruction

Stand with Latin American land defenders in their fight for climate justice

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Pay climate reparations

Demand the UK pays climate reparations

The UK must take responsibility for its role in fuelling the climate crisis

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Siemens Gamesa Western Sahara

Siemens Gamesa: Stop the plunder

Siemens Gamesa are profiting from Morocco’s plunder of illegally occupied land & violent repression of the people of Western Sahara.

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Cerrejon; said to be the largest open-cast coal mine in Latin America'

Demand a just energy transition for all

Tell the UK chancellor we need a justice based transition to 'clean' energy

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Protester at climate march holds up placard reading "Mi Futuro esta en sus manos" (My future is in your hands)

Join us in calling for a Global Green New Deal

Stand with us and reimagine a world where protecting people and the planet come first.

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Oil Refinery at Dawn by Iguanasan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Stop corporate courts from destroying the planet

Take action to abolish secret courts before they destroy the planet

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The Stop Corporate Impunity logo. An illustration of people tying down a giant 'corporate' man in an orange suit and grey tie.

Rules for corporations, rights for people!

Ask your MP to support a UN Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights

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Unmask Glencore's toxic mining

Glencore is getting away with greenwashing its environmental and human rights abuses. Unmask their toxic trade, and call on investors to demand action.

The cover of the 'Tax and Climate Justice: Redistributing wealth for people and planet' report

Download report (PDF)

Tax and Climate Justice Redistributing wealth for people and planet

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Action for Ecology and People’s Emancipation (AEER), Indonesia

Action for Ecology and People’s Emancipation (AEER) is an environmental NGO that struggles for improvements in the management of natural resources to help build sustainable relationships between communities and their environment. It undertakes research and defends the rights of communities negatively impacted by extractivist policies and companies.

Association for Social Research and Action (Nomadesc), Colombia

In Colombia, more than five million people have been forced from their homes by violence and extreme poverty, made refugees in their own country. Rural Colombians have lost huge swathes of land. This humanitarian crisis and the needs of displaced people are well known in Colombia. The Social Research and Action Association (Asociacion para la investigacion y la accion social – Nomadesc) works to fix this massive disadvantage. By bringing these vulnerable groups together, Nomadesc unites and raises the voices of these communities. By strengthening the ties between the groups and giving them the tools to defend their human rights, communities are better able to protect themselves from violence and displacement. War on Want has supported Nomadesc in their work investigating violations of human rights and working to strengthen social movements through popular education initiatives.


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