Palestinians take part in the Great March of Return in Gaza, Palestine, on Land Day, 30 March 2018. A crowd is gathered in a green field, holding Palestinian flags. Photo: Ashraf Amra/APA/Shutterstock


The catastrophe facing the Palestinian people is a defining global justice issue of our time.

It is not a conflict between two equal sides. It is an occupation by a powerful military state, armed and supported by the West, against an impoverished, stateless and displaced people. 

For over 70 years, Israel has subjected Palestinians to systematic human rights abuses, severe discrimination, and deadly military force. A fourth generation of Palestinian children are being brought up in refugee camps, in chronic poverty, denied the right to return to their family homes. Over a million Palestinians suffer discrimination over access to public services, land and employment. Israel’s siege of Gaza has condemned its 1.9 million inhabitants to poverty and psychological violence. The construction of the apartheid wall, the military closure of the Jordan Valley, and the annexation of East Jerusalem are creating an irreversible reality of permanent occupation.

Governments around the world, including the UK government, have enabled Israel to carry out this oppression. Israel’s oppressive rule over the Palestinian people relies on the support of countries and companies which back  Israel through diplomatic support, trade and investment. UK-based companies sell weapons and military technology to Israel, which it uses against the Palestinian people. While the UK government does nothing to hold Israel to account,  Israel continues to deepen its repressive rule.  

We support the Palestinian people’s struggle for justice and their call for people of conscience to join Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns to stop businesses and governments from lending support to oppression, and to pressure the Israeli government to respect Palestinians rights and comply with international law.

Palestine: The importance of language 

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Palestinian at checkpoint

Stand with Palestinians against Israel's onslaught

Palestinians are facing an intensified onslaught of militarised violence from the Israeli military. Please contact your MP today and ask them to demand that the UK government stops the sale and purchase of arms to and from Israel.

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UK PM meets Israel's caretaker leader Yair Lapid

Say NO to moving the UK embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Tell the UK government to uphold international law and human rights: say NO to moving the UK embassy to Jerusalem.

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Barclays banking on apartheid CTA

Stop Barclays Banking on Apartheid

Barclays has a responsibility to end its complicity in Israel’s war crimes and violations of international law.

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Palestinian girl at vigil in Gaza

End Israel’s siege of the Gaza Strip

Since 2007, Israel has imposed an illegal land, air and sea blockade — effectively turning the Gaza Strip into the world’s largest open-air prison by preventing the free movement of people and goods. End the siege.

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Israeli forces training near villages in Masafer Yatta area, West Bank. Photo Credit: Keren Manor, Active Stills

Stop Israel’s Forcible Transfer of Palestinians!

Israel is trying to ethnically cleanse over 1,000 Palestinians from Masafer Yatta, in the occupied West Bank.

Write to the UK foreign secretary
Palestinian man being arrested and blindfolded by Israeli soldier

Free Palestinian political prisoners!

Every year, hundreds of Palestinians are arrested and imprisoned without charge or trial.

End the injustice
Israeli ethnic cleansing

Stop Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Demand that the UK government takes action to stop facilitating Israeli apartheid

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Palestinian children protest forced displacement with JCB complicity

Stop JCB bulldozing Palestinian rights

The UK government must end its complicity with Israel’s settlement enterprise and hold businesses – including JCB – to account.

Hold them to Account
Palestinians waving flags

Defend Palestinian human rights organisations under attack

Israel has banned six leading Palestinian human rights organisations, in an escalation of its targeted suppression of Palestinian civil society.

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Sixteen-year-old Ahed Tamimi arrives for a hearing at Ofer military court. Photo: Photo: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP

No civilian should be subject to military courts

Email your MP to demand an end to Israel’s unjust system of military courts

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