COP26 coalition (day of action)

COP26: Get involved

As world leaders meet for the COP26 climate summit, we'll be mobilising and organising for climate justice, online, in Glasgow, in London, and across the UK. Here's how you can take part.

Join us for the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice, on Saturday 6 November:

Glasgow //  London //  Your local area  //  Online


If you're heading to Glasgow between 1 - 12 November, you can download a full calendar of the events we're hosting and taking part in here. 

Join us online, 6 - 12 November

Check out all our online events. This list will be updated as more online events are announced. 

Digital summit promo

Digital Summit

6 November, 19:30. Join Greta Thunberg, Ilhan Omar, Vanessa Nakate, Naomi Klein and more for an online rally

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ISDS protest

Corporate Courts = Climate Chaos

7 November, 11:45. Hear about the growing threat that secretive corporate courts cases pose to meeting climate justice.

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Cerra de Pasco mine

We can’t mine our way out of the climate crisis

8 November, 14:00. Frontline communities, mineworkers and environmental justice activists discuss their struggles for an inclusive just transition, and a just renewable energy future for all.

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Protester at climate march holds up placard reading "Mi Futuro esta en sus manos" (My future is in your hands)

From Crisis to Justice: How do we win a Global Green New Deal

9 November, 14:00. Join movements, scientists, and academics to discuss the policy demands we should be making and the power building we should be undertaking actions.

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Change politics not the climate

Hope in Action: Resilient Responses in Times of Climate Crisis

9 November, 18:30. How we can build hope and resilience into our fight for climate justice, systemic change and into creating alternative ways of living?

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