Stop Arming Israel

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An Israeli soldier fires a grenade from a launcher. Credit: War on Want / Rich Wiles
The UK government is complicit in Israel's continuing violations of human rights and international law.

The deadly trade of arms is facilitated not only by the UK government; UK banks and financial institutions participate in Israel’s militarised repression by holding shares in companies that export military technology and weapons to Israel, and by providing and facilitating loans to companies producing such military technology and weapons.

UK banks and financial institutions hold billions of pounds worth of shares in companies that sell weapons, military equipment and technology to Israel.

Banks like HSBC, with high street branches across the UK, are key players in the UK-Israel arms trade by providing financial services to companies that allow for these deadly arms sales. Far from being the removed outsiders that they claim to be, UK high street banks are profiting from the UK-Israel arms trade.

We can’t allow banks on our high streets to continue lending support to Israel’s militarised repression of Palestinians.

For more information, read our groundbreaking report, 'Deadly investments', focused on the role played by HSBC in financing the sale of weapons to Israel.

Blue background with bomb with Barclays logo inside. Text reads: Barclays don't bank on apartheid.

Barclays: Stop Bankrolling Genocide and Apartheid

Barclays has ramped up its bankrolling of companies selling arms to Israel’s occupation and apartheid regime by 55% since 2021. Demand an end to their complicity in apartheid and genocide.

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