Halt UK arms transfers to Israel: Joint letter to UK Foreign Secretary

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A joint letter to the UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron, from UK-based civil society groups working in and on the Occupied Palestinian Territory for a halt to UK arms transfers to the government of Israel. (Sent Friday 8 December 2023)

In the context of the current hostilities in Gaza, there is a clear and overriding risk that UK licensed military equipment could be used to commit or facilitate a serious violation of international law, including unlawful attacks that may amount to war crimes. Our organisations demand an immediate suspension of arms transfers to all parties to the current conflict.  For the UK government, this requires a halt to the arming of Israel. Failure to do so risks the Government breaching its own laws and being complicit in grave abuses. 

Pal joint letter DEC23

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No UK arms for Israel

There is a clear risk that military equipment produced in the UK is being used to carry out Israel's war crimes. Demand an end to the UK-Israel arms trade.

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