UK Arms in Israel's Attacks on Gaza

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Destruction in Gaza December 2023
Arms and military components made in UK factories are being exported to Israel, then used in attacks by Israel against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. Such arms transfers most likely breach the UK government’s obligations under international law.

UK arms exports to Israel enable Israel's militarised aggression against Palestinians throughout the occupied Palestinian territory. Barclays and other UK-based financial institutions are complicit, by profiting from these weapons sales. The UK-Israel arms trade has not ended, despite clear statements of genocidal intent by Israeli political leaders, and the unfolding genocide in the Gaza Strip. 

Our briefing paper, created with our allies Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), exposes the details of this deadly trade. 

UK-Israel arms trade briefing

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474 million

No UK arms for Israel

There is a clear risk that military equipment produced in the UK is being used to carry out Israel's war crimes. Demand an end to the UK-Israel arms trade.

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