The People Vs. Corporate Courts

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A webinar exploring corporate courts (ISDS) – the secretive tribunals written into trade deals that enable corporations to sue countries for billions of pounds.
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A part of a day of action which saw people take to the streets to call on the UK government to drop ISDS from its trade policy; and to stand in solidarity with communities around the world fighting the environmentally and socially devastating extractive projects often at the heart of ISDS disputes.

Speakers include:

Aldo Orellana López, a Bolivian activist and journalist focused on environmental issues, extractivism and multinationals in Latin America – including on the use of ISDS to threaten the expansion of the Cerrejón mine, the biggest open-pit coal mine in Latin America Maria

Rita D’Orsogna, Italian mathematician, environmentalist and activist, central to the mobilisation against the oil drilling project at the heart of the Rockhopper v Italy case, brought under the controversial Energy Charter Treaty

Nicolás M. Perrone, ISDS expert and author of “Investment Treaties and the Legal Imagination: How Foreign Investors Play By Their Own Rules"

Oil Refinery at Dawn by Iguanasan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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